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 Mix 6
Modus Hazy No.5 Cherry Cream Coconut

PLU: 9043

Variety NEIPA
Country Australia
Alc. Content 7.0%
Volume 375 ml

This time round we've gone big, bold and colourful, amusement park style. Heavy on the Oat Creams, gives this series a milkshake and dessert like feel as if your'e rolling around the amusement park, VIP. Hazy 05: Cherry, Coconut, Cream. 7.0%. We've continued to push the innovation with our Hazy yeasts complimenting the cherry with a juicy, full, smooth mouthfeel balanced against fine coconut, tropical and stone fruit aromatics thanks to pallet loads of a truly unique hop: Sabro. Grab your ticket to the fun park as the next Modus Haze wave pushes flavour perception boundaries and puts Luna Park sized smiles on dials.

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